HFC M11A1 Suppressor/Silencer Reviews

HFC M11A1 Suppressor/Silencer

  • Compatible with HFC Mac 11 Bull Pup,KWA Mac 11, and HFC Mac 11.

HFC M11A1 Suppressor/Silencer

JBU JB11 Barrel Extension for Airsoft AEG, 8.25-Inch

  • Fits standard high end AEG’s
  • JBU style barrel extension
  • 8.25in length
  • All Metal Construction

Fake supressor Aluminum alloy material 14mm counterclockwise thread JBU laser marking 8.25 long

Enhance the look of your favorite airsoft gun with this high-quality fake suppressor by JBU! This 8.25 fake suppressor fits on the outer barrel of airsoft guns with a 14mm counterclockwise thread. The fake suppressor is made of durable aluminum alloy and has a matte finish. This fake suppressor does NOT decrease the sound of your airsoft gun. For airsoft use only.

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