JG Steyr AUG Military Airsoft Electric Gun AU-2G Reviews

JG Steyr AUG Military Airsoft Electric Gun AU-2G

  • 1:1 Scale Airsoft Electric Gun
  • Metal Gearbox
  • 360+ FPS
  • Integrated 1.5x magnifying scope
  • Realistic Bull Pup design

Jing Gong has designed an outstanding TM compatible replica of this famous. The dual action trigger allows for semi or auto fire based on how far it is pulled back. Make split second rate of fire decisions in the heat of battle with out having to flip a selector switch. For the price you will not be dissappointed by this AEG. If you like unique or European weapons, look no further than the Steyr Aug. This is the military AUG version.

Mil Specs:

1:1 Scale Steyr Aug Electric Airsoft Gun (2nd Generation)
Realistic AUG Bullpup design!
Solid Nylon Fiber/ABS Construction stock and grips
Metal Gearbox
Metal Upper Receiver, outer barrel, and sight assembly
360+ fps (0.2 g BB)
12 rounds per second w/8.4v battery
Hi Capacity Mag: 350 Rounds
Built in 1.5X metal Scope (Adjustable)
Adjustable Hop Up (locking charging handle exposes hop up adjustment)
Collapsable front grip
Includes 8.4V 1100 mAH Battery & Standard Wall Charger
Easy Breakdown for maintenance
TM Compatible

Package includes: AEG, Battery 8.4v, Charger, Starter BBs, Manual, Magazine, & Cleaning Rod

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