M83a2 Electric Auto Airsoft Machine Gun Laser M16 Reviews

M83a2 Electric Auto Airsoft Machine Gun Laser M16

  • High Grade Electric motor & charging system
  • STACKABLE CLIP, Grip Handle
  • FLASHLIGHT, ABS High Impact Plastic
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

This AIR SPORT ELECTRIC SEMI / FULL AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUN M16 ASSAULT RIFLE REPLICA is marked as Model # M83A2. The power comes from a high grade electric motor and rechargeable battery system. Uses 6mm BB type ammo.The body is constructed of ABS High Impact Plastic. Fire mode is selectable safety, semi-auto and full automatic. Totally customizable with rechargable battery system and batteries included, collapsing stock, stability front firing handle, stackable magazine, adjustable electronic scope, adjustable laser aim module, variable hop up system, direction adjustments, windage & elevation adjustments, flashlight, simulated silencer and finger switches for electronics. All batteries and charging systems are included. This gun is top of the line and ready to go. Your enemies will never have a chance. This item is new but the box has been opened but is complete. The top of the box has a puncture in the top. Airsoft Safety & Legal Notice: FOR AGES 18 YEARS AND UP- Must be 18 years of age to purchase; minors require parent or legal guardian supervision to operate. Users should follow all applicable laws and regulations. READ SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING- Follow safe handling instructions and government requirements concerning use and ownership of airsoft, spring or electric bb guns. BUYER is responsible to ensure that all local government and law enforcement airsoft gun laws and regulations are met. NEVER point or shoot airsoft guns at people or animals. ALWAYS wear eye protection when operating airsoft gun. BUYER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY WITH PURCHASE. Seller is not responsible for any damages caused by our Airsoft guns, nor damages to the gun due to misuse. Purchaser is individually responsible for all liability and claims pertaining to the product after purchase. You are responsible as the purchaser of this item for any injuries arising to yourself or others from the use of this product.

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Double Eagle M83A2 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG – No Laser

Double Eagle M83A2 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG – No Laser

  • Full-scale replica of M4 automatic rifle compatible with 6mm BBs
  • Looks, feels, weighs, and functions just like a real M4 rifle, but safer
  • Velocity of 240 fps; made of sturdy FPS plastic
  • Comes packed with 100 pellets in attractive color box
  • flashlight, and electric sight; 2 barrels

Description A 1:1 scale replica of an actual M4 rifle, this Double Eagle electric airsoft gun is remarkably authentic. The M4 fires round 6mm plastic pellets known as BBs, which are propelled out of the gun by compressed air. The advantage of the airsoft rifle, however, is that players can safely train, simulate, or play with the gun without fearing serious injury. The M4 looks, feels, weighs, and functions just like a real firearm, but is built for casual recreation rather than weaponized use. In fact, the only way you can typically tell a real-steel firearm from an airsoft gun is the blazing orange tip and the BBs that fire when you pull the trigger. The M4–which is made of ABS plastic–comes packed with 100 pellets in an attractive color box, and features both semi-auto and fully auto modes. Includes Flashlight Magazine 2 – Interchangeable Barrels Red Dot Scope No Laser Safety Glasses Shoulder Strap Battery & Charger Removeable Front Handle Pack of BBs All Batteries Included

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