Airsoft Gear Buyers Guide

Airsoft Gear Buyers Guide has put together an Airsoft gear buyers guide for the beginner. Focusing on covering Airsoft weapons including; electric vs gas powered vs spring guns, grenades, mini guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper, submachine, Also looking at accessories like; batteries and chargers, shot (or BBs), magazines and clips, gun cases and holsters, scopes and mounts, sights, and targets.

About the Author:

Rob Taylor has been collecting military gear and replicas for almost 10 years. He was a paintball player since his senior year in high school and his passion for airsoft started when he discovered the sport while he was still in college. Rob quickly became hooked with airsoft guns was responsible for recruiting his teammates and eventually converting them to airsoft fanatics as well. During his spare time, Rob enjoys playing airsoft skirmish games with his buddies using his ICS M16 A3 Olympic Arms Airsoft Electric Gun.

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