UTG 5th Gen Quick Detachable Double Rail AK Side Mount Reviews

UTG 5th Gen Quick Detachable Double Rail AK Side Mount

  • New Gen. AK Double Rail Side Mount Designed with Quick Detachable/Lock Lever
  • Fully Adjustable for Most Side Rail Variants. Precision Machined to Fit Most AKs and AK Variants
  • Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum for Extreme Strength
  • Double Picatinny Rails for Scope & Versatile Accessory Applications
  • STANAG Dimension and 12 Slots on Top Rail, 8 Slots on Side Rail. Optimal Clearance to Fit All Tactical Scopes Right on Top of Bore Centerline

AK Double Picatinny Rail Side Mount With Quick Detachable/Lock Lever. Fully Adjustable For Most Side Rail Variants. STANG Dimension w/12 Slots On Top Rail and 8 Slots On Side RailMade by Leapers, this double-rail AK side mount sports a lever that enables you to quickly attach or detach it to or from your gun. The mount is fully adjustable for most side rail variants and is precision-machined to fit most AKs and AK variants. It features double Picatinny rails for the scope and offers optimal clearance to fit all tactical scopes right on top of the bore centerline. The mount is also designed to accommodate STANAG-style scopes.

The mount is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for extreme strength. It measures 5.5 inches long by 3.3 inches high by 1.7 inches wide and weighs 7.3 ounces.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

About Leapers
Leapers Inc., headquartered in Michigan, has been in the business of supplying shooting, hunting, and outdoor gear since 1991. The company sets uncompromised, high standards for all of its business operations. Its goal is to provide a total solution for any lines of products it offers. Leapers pays close attention to industry trends and customer feedback, with a focus on making best-in-class niche products available for hunting, shooting, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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