9th Edition Blue Book of Airguns Reviews

9th Edition Blue Book of Airguns

Blue Book Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its newest publication the 9th Edition Blue Book of Airguns by Dr. Robert D. Beeman and John B. Allen, edited by S.P. Fjestad, Author & Publisher of the Blue Book of Gun Values. This new 616 page publication is the only resource for up-to-date information and prices/values on both modern and vintage airguns. Most of the information in this new softcover, paper trade publication is simply not available anywhere else, at any price! Co-written by the Godfather of the Airgun Industry, Dr. Robert D. Beeman, as well as John B. Allen, longtime associate editor for the Blue Book of Gun Values, the new 9th Edition Blue Book of Airguns contains most popular 2011 and vintage makes and models, detailed descriptions, over 1,200 B&W images identifying most popular makes and models, with up-to-date pricing. Sections on such vintage trademarks as Daisy, Crosman, Benjamin, and Feinwerkbau have also been greatly expanded. Also included for this edition is a color Photo Grading SystemTM that allows readers to stop guessing at airgun condition factors. After all, if the condition factor isn t right, the price will be wrong! Additionally, a greatly expanded Trademark Index is provided with the most current information available on modern manufacturers and trademarks. Well-known airgun writer Tom Gaylord gives an in-depth analysis of what s new in the airgun world in his article, Gaylord Reports What s New for 2011.

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