Caldwell Airgun Resetting Target

Caldwell Airgun Resetting Target

  • Made of sturdy heavy duty steel.
  • 1.5-Inch shooting spot included.

The Caldwell airgun resetting targets offer a portable, interactive shooting experience at a low price. The lower targets spin up and lock out of the way when shot, then can be re-set by shooting the upper circle. Fun for shooters of all ages!

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UTG AccuShot Airgun Target Trap for Shooting Reviews

UTG AccuShot Airgun Target Trap for Shooting

  • Tough and Smart Target Design for Both Plastic and Metal Pellets
  • Hard Cardboard and Targets Included
  • Multi-layer Pellet Resistant Curtains, Reinforced Impact Resistant Polymer Frame
  • Removable Rear Metal Wall, 8″x9.75″X9.75″
  • Recommended Shooting Distance: 30-60 Feet

Airgun Target Trap for Shooting 30 – 60 Feet with Power upto 1200 FPS. Framed w/Reinforced Impact Resistant Polymer and Rear Metal Wall. Complete w/Hard Cardboard Target and Multi-layer Pellet Resistant Curtains for Optimal Pellet Stopping Performance

Birchwood Casey Gallery Resetting Airgun Target


Gallery Resetting Airgun Target Use .177 lead pellets only Use with 500 to 1000 fps velocity guns only Hit 4 hanging targets & then the center target to reset them Easy to set up…no tools required Solid steel targets with twist-designed paddles have a lifetime guarantee against breakage 2 dia. targets 18Hx16W Includes stick-on fluorescent target faces

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